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PostSubject: Code PR..   Code PR.. I_icon_minitimeWed May 19, 2010 5:49 pm

CoderPR is the new nitePR mod, it's focused on what's useful, what's handy, what's fast... Well Basically what YOU, the users want!
Version 0.8.5 Includes:

* Much More Organized Layout On Memory Stick
* Now supports setting a range of addresses to search
* CheatHZ setting is set to 15/1000 by default
* New cheats, instead of being labeled 'CHEAT 0' are now named "Cheat In Progress - 0"
* Some text has been changed to be more user-friendly/include credits
* Menu's Rearranged
* Minor Color changes,but keeps main nitepr color scheme
* Browser and Decoder now can see addresses under 0x08804000, which is useful for when writing subs in low addressing.
* Logger has been removed, all callbacks to the logger have been removed as well.
* Screenshot function is disabled by default, can be enabled in menu. No more interrupting your game with useless pictures
* Faster Speed scroll keys for cheat menu.
* Option to change the menu key to a different combo.
* Option added to "Kill coderPR", awesome for those times you just don't feel like cheating.
* Option to "Import cheats from NitePR" has been added
* "Refresh Cheats" Has been added
* Real Addressing has been turned off by requests, however is switchable via menu
* Search now displays first 200 results
* Key delay for Range menu has been fixed
* Length of allowed Cheat names has been increased, from 32, to 50!
* USB access is allowed via one of the menus
* Can use slightly more cheats (did not increase much, don't want crashes)
* Allows Cheat Renaming In-Menu, Press select while hovered on a cheat to bring up menu.(Beta Function)
* Allows you to scroll quickly through search results as well, press SQUARE + Right/Left to scroll fast
* Now is compatible with nitePRed.exe, simply rename the prx to nitePR.prx, run nitePRed, then rename the file back to coderPR.prx.

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Code PR..
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