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PostSubject: psp briker   psp briker I_icon_minitimeSat May 29, 2010 4:46 pm

1) Download PSP Bricker v3 - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YLA58I8P
2) Inside the file should be a file called 'seplugins'. Copy it to the ROOT of the memory stick.
3) Once you have done that put your psp in recovery mode. If you don't know how to do this look Here
4) Now scroll down to 'Plugins'. In there turn on 'pspbricker' by hitting 'X'.
5) Now add these codes to you FTB2 cheat database.

;0x00000001 would make it play the second animation group
;0x00000002 would make it play the third animation group, etc.
;I suggest copying this address and changing it in the browser
;Cause if you want to edit it through the cheater, you'd have to
;Turn off the cheat, edit it, close the nitePR menu, open the nitePR menu, and then select the cheat
;For the changes to take effect
0x004EFFFC 0x00000000

;Setting this address to anything other THAN 0x00000000 turns the BRICKER PRX OFF

;The default is 2 FPS, one can set the address to 0 or 0x0007A120 - same shit
0x004EFFF8 0x00000000

0x004EFFF8 0x000F4240

0x004EFFF8 0x0007A120

0x004EFFF8 0x0003D090

0x004EFFF8 0x0001E848

;Setting this address to anything other THAN 0x00000000 causes the Bricker to animate the clantag

;Setting this address to anything other THAN 0x00000000, causes
;The Bricker PRX to reload the pspBricker.txt file
;And when it loads the file, it sets 0x004EFFF4 to 0x00000000
;Warning: DO NOT have Cheat Hz on with this on as well... cause the Bricker PRX will
;keep on reloading the file since it won't be able to change the address back to 0x00000000
;Anyways, get a PRX that allows for enabling/disabling USB, edit the file, then turn this on
;And the PRX should reload the new file
;But oh yeah, it's untested =o
;Sometimes, for it to work properly, you have to turn off USB before turning this on...
;Might be something to play around with and test out


*Note: Make sure you have your animation codes that you got from the Generator in your pspbricker text file*
1) Make sure you have pspbricker enabled
2) Open NitePR and go into your browser
3) On the left side, insert this address in, 0x004EFFF4
4) the other side of the browser to left of this code you have entered should be shown as 0x00000000
5) The third zero in the code will control your animations
6) Have it stay as 0 to make pspbricker play your first animation in your pspbricker txt file.
7) To change to your other sets of animations, change that third zero to 1, this will enable your second animation in your pspbricker txt file.
Keep changing it to cycle through all of your sets of animations.

**NOTE** You will not be able to see your animations unless someone else in the lobby has a pspbricker on also. Dont think that since you cannot see it that it is not working. When someone else comes in the room with animations on you will be able to see what yours is doing.
The only way to turn off your animations competely is to turn off pspbricker in recovery mode or use Bakon Ice prx. To turn off using Bakon Ice you open Bakon Ice and HOLD L & R TRIGGER buttons and press SELECT, a little window opens with options to turn animations on/off.
DOWNLOAD BAKON ICE prx -> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G4N74OC1


0x004EFFF8 0x00011B34

0x004EFFF8 0x000037FA

0x004EFFF8 0x00008D9A

0x004EFFF8 0x00003345

0x004EFFF8 0x00001F7E

0x004EFFF8 0x00000FBF

0x004EFFF8 0x000007E0

0x004EFFF8 0x00000EF0

0x004EFFF8 0x000001F8

0x004EFFF8 0x000000FC

0x004EFFF8 0x0000007E

0x004EFFF8 0x0000003F

0x004EFFF8 0x0000001F

0x004EFFF8 0x00000010

0x004EFFF8 0x00000005

0x004EFFF8 0x00000002

0x004EFFF8 0x00000001
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psp briker
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